Here in this post we will guide you through that how you can delete a PayPal account easily if you don’t need it anymore. It has been seen that PayPal had some issues with RBI and in result PayPal was dead in India.

But although it gave a comeback, but then too it was never pleasing it regularly has some issues again and again. If you have been a victim and want to delete your PayPal account then here are some important steps which you can follow and easily delete your account from PayPal.

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Please follow below given whole tutorial completely as its mandatory to follow all steps to instantly deactivate your PayPal Account from their database.

How to Delete Paypal account

  1. First go to your internet browser and open the
  2. After opening the website just log-in to PayPal.
  3. And after that click on your my account option which is the first option you will see.
  4. After that click on the profile option which is just given under my account option.
  5. After that you have to select settings options.
  6. When you select the my settings options you will see the first option as account type at the left side and just on the other hand you will see close account at the right side.
  7. Click on that following option.
  8. After that for security measures it asks your bank detail to confirm.

Steps to remove Paypal account

How to Close Your paypal

Why You want to Remove PayPal Account?

Well, all people have their own reasons to remove PayPal account and so you, if you are reading this guide. But let me tell you the features of using PayPal account, you can easily make payments to others, you can even receive the money from other people, PayPal gives you complete security while doing online shopping and much more.

So, here were the following steps which easily guides you that how you can delete your PayPal account.

And folks, If you faced any type of issues then please do comment and let us know that via comments as we might be able to solve your all the queries. Till that time stay updated on our portal and keep visiting our website.

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